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We have the solution!

 Our bundle of maintenance,  consists of cleanliness and lubrication of mobile parts (to remove dust and particles that damage the readers' functioning of CD, DVD, Floppy, fans, processors, etc). Cross-check and adjustment of internal pieces, (Hard disk, Memoirs, Motherboard, etc), cleanliness of office, screen, keyboard and mouse.

Includes cleaning and compacting operating system's registry(Windows in all its versions), defragmented memory, antivirus scanning, installation of drivers and formatting if required.

 Internet. Configuration, Installation and maintenance of wired /wireless networks). Repair, configuration, corrective and preventive maintenance for servers. Elimination of viruses, application of vaccines, installation and software antivirus, antispyware, antimalware sales.

About us

We are a company thinking about you, offering you the confidence and the soundness, which involves our experience in this field. We offer you an integral service of Computer Solutions, Selling, Repair, Maintenance. Diagnosis of Computers, Monitors, Printers and Photocopiers. Technical support Online, Recovery of Information of the Hard disk, Installation of Software, Antivirus, Wired up and Configuration of Networks for Internet and intranet.

Every day we are advancing more in the field of new technologies. It is important that the teams of calculation are updated, and to protect your information and to prepare possible attacks to your network.

This is alone an introduction, but we offer many more services. Both to companies and to individuals. If you have a company, we offer "contracts of maintenance".

One of the goals of Laredo Computer Solutions is to help and teach the community on how to use and have a protected computer. Since nowadays, a lot of sensitive information is exhibited and kept virtually on your computer. This way you will have a sense of security having exhibited personal information such as purchasing via the Internet, making payments, or simply updating your social network.

Here at  Laredo Computer Solutions, we want to be your personal technicians and hope that you should give us the opportunity to serve you.


Laredo Computer Solutions it is a company of service of preventive, corrective maintenance and repair of computers. Created to offer technical support with quality services and assuring the satisfaction of the user.

Also we give the service of selling of computers, parts and accessories,    according to your needs. We are characterized for the following  values:

  • Satisfied clients.
  • Personnelized service. 
  • Security and entire privacy. 
  • Quality in all the services. 
  • Enterprising and responsible attitude.


  • To help our people.
  •  Integrity.
  •  Professionalism.
  •  To create strong relations.
  •  Excellent service.
  •  Effort.
  •  Dedication.